Community support

Community support in Ghana, Africa

Let Us Shine’s core projects involve the provision of education facilities for children but an important part of what we do involves engaging with and supporting local communities to ensure that our projects are a success.


At the planning stage of any new project, our guiding principle is to work with, and become part of, the communities where we operate.  We make sure that communities are fully engaged through communication with parents; meeting village elders and tribal chiefs; cooperation with local medical practitioners; and participating in local festivals and events.  We recognise that those from within the local community have the best knowledge of the area and its needs, and can help spread the word on the benefits our projects can bring.

Where possible, we source teachers and construction workers from within the local communities. This helps improve employment, motivation and income flow within the region. In our experience, local people show the greatest motivation and desire for success and are always keen to support our projects.

Community centre

We were delighted to open Kpandai’s first Community and Vocational training Centre in 2014 with funds raised from a team from Barclays bank.  This unique building is a huge asset to the community, offering adult literacy and numeracy for men and women who have never had the chance to go to or finish school themselves.  The classes have been celebrated in the town and we hope to roll out more later this year due to high demand

The centre also offers introduction to IT and business classes and will soon roll out vocational training certified classes such as masonry, carpentry, dress making and hair dressing.