What we do

What does Let Us Shine do?

Let Us Shine is a Glasgow charity primarily focused on developing and delivering sustainable education projects for children in Ghana.


We work closely with local communities, local businesses, international organisations and agencies to design, develop and maintain our projects which ultimately support the rights of children and families in Ghana.

“If you are planning
for a year, sow rice,
if you are planning
for a decade, plant trees,
if you are planning for a
lifetime, educate people ”

Federal Councillor Didier
Burkhalter in 2010

The charity’s aim is to provide education, training, investment and employment opportunities which help to:

  • Improve and stabilise the flow of income for individuals and families to ensure regular access to food sources and healthcare
  • Create a better economic environment to improve the general health and well being of individuals, families and communities
  • Increase aspiration and achievement levels and create a culture of self respect, responsibility and community awareness

We ensure that all the work that we do is sustainable through developing close ties with local communities and businesses which will helps reduce, and eventually end, the need for reliance on charitable organisations and donations in the future.

How we do this

Use the links below to see how we work in Ghana.