Individuals, groups or companies who raise money on behalf of Let Us Shine really make a difference to local communities in Africa.  Regardless of size, all donations to Let Us Shine go towards our campaign to provide the best education.  Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to receive enough funding to build a community centre for the village, and buy a community bus.  But as well as big ticket items, smaller donations are just as vital.


We have switched from to MyDonate as our preferred fundraising platform to maximise the amount of money reaching the children.  Unlike other platforms, BT’s MyDonate charges zero commission, has no set up fee, or monthly charges.  The savings for us in monthly charges alone will be equivalent to the sponsorship for two girls at the school.  We think that’s a better end for your cash.

If you don’t already have a MyDonate account it’s very simple to set one up by following this link  (opens in a new window).  Of course, you don’t need one to get your money to the girls but it makes it easier for you to follow what’s happening and you’ll be better able to join in future fundraising events or even start one of your own.

Would you like to help?  There are many ways:

Make a one-off donation now

Contact us to talk about fundraising

Read stories from other fundraisers in our News section

Or, if you’d like to donate on a regular basis, why not consider sponsoring a child?

How your fundraising helps

will buy a mosquito net

will buy a school uniform & shoes

will buy food for a child for one month

will buy every girl in the class a text book

will build a toilet

Read more about our current and past fundraising in our News section.