How to help

All the work we do in Ghana is only made possible through help from people at home in the UK.  Whether you want to donate your time, your money or your skills, there are three ways you can get involved.



Become a volunteer for a charity in Africa
Volunteers are key to the success of our charity – they save and change lives on a daily basis, raise vital funds to support the charity and visit our school in Ghana to see exactly how their money is spent.  Without volunteers we simply would not be able to deliver our services, year after year.

Anyone can volunteer.  It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background, there will be something you can help with.

More information on how you can volunteer for Let Us Shine.


Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child for only £20 a month.
Running the school in Kpandai is entirely reliant on funding from child sponsorship.  Your money could help a child to really shine, as sponsoring one of the girls pays for their accommodation at the school, all of their meals, text books and clothes, plus all the medication and healthcare they require.  Education helps these children to secure a more successful future for them, and their families.  The more sponsors we have, the more children we can educate.

More information on how you can sponsor a child.


Sponsor teachers’ salaries

Sponsor teachers’ salaries for just £5 a month.
With the development of the Senior High School and the employment of well-qualified teachers for the specialist subjects, our costs have greatly increased.  This is magnified by the current position of the weaker pound.

More information on how you can sponsor teachers’ salaries.



Fundraising on behalf of Let Us Shine helps us to really make a difference to local communities in Africa.  Whether large or small, all donations to Let Us Shine goes towards our campaign to provide the best education.

Vital supplies start from as little as £4:

  • £4 will buy a mosquito net
  • £10 will buy a school uniform and shoes for one child
  • £14 per month to feed a child
  • £50 will buy every girl in a class a textbook
  • £275 will build a toilet

Make a donation now or read more about fundraising.